Menu Section: Mediteranian tour

Spicy Tan Tan Pork Ramen

Tan Tan noodles feature some of the trademark heat in Sichuan cuisine, and have become a late-night favorite at noodle houses and Izakayas alike.

Lamb Banh Mi

Open the baguette-style roll and pile in the thinly sliced roasted lamb with greens and herbs and chiles to taste.

Sesame Chicken Salad

This sesame chicken salad has a wonderful balance of contrasting flavors and textures.

Chinese Chicken Salad

Tender all natural chicken breast is marinated in olive oil and fresh herbs before being grilled.

Cuban-Style Mary’s Chicken

A Cuban-style spice blend of chili powder, cumin, and garlic is rubbed on the chicken legs before being roasted.

Misoyaki Glazed Salmon

The origins of this dish can be traced back to island culinary mastermind Roy Yamaguchi from the legendary Roy's Asian Fusion Cuisine.